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Security and Fire-Resistant safes to suit both the domestic and commercial sectors

Safes Milton Keynes

We supply and install the most extensive range of Security and Fire-Resistant safes Milton Keynes has available. Our safe range suits both the domestic and commercial sectors. We operate in Milton Keynes, Hertfordshire and Nationwide.

Our range includes Home Safes, Electronic and Digital Safes, Wall and Floor Safes, Underfloor Safes, Deposit Safes, Key Cabinets, Lockers, Medical Cabinets, Cash Boxes, Laptop Safes and Strongboxes.

Expert advice is available from our in-house professional staff on the correct safe to match your personal needs and to meet the needs of your insurers.

Some of our most popular safes

Eurovault Aver S2 and S3

The Eurovault Aver S2 is a very popular safe. The size 2 and size 3 are especially popular as they can hold an A4 folder and small laptop or tablet. Perfect for protecting your most sensitive and important documents.

The electronic lock is very easy to use and the combination can be changed if needed for added peace of mind.

The Eurovault Aver S2 is ideal for the home or office as it also has a £4,000 cash rating and £40,000 jewellery rating.

Eurovault Aver Grade 1 to 5

The Graded Safes are ideal for office, retail and home use. They come with an insurance cover from £10,000 to £100,000 for cash and valuables cover from £100,000 to £1,000,000. This makes these graded safes perfect for many businesses and high-value homes.

The Aver is also available with a deposit facility, which is great for staff to be able to deposit cash without access the main safe.

Primo home safe

The Primo safe is a small unit with only a £1,000 cash rating. This makes it a great choice for installing in a wardrobe or cupboard, or using as a decoy safe if you already have a larger safe on the property.

Available in three sizes, the Primo Home Safe is battery operated. This makes it easier to install and more versatile than some of the larger mains-operated safes.

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