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Van Hook Locks

Independent hook deadlocks to secure and protect the contents of your van.

Van Hook Locks

Hook locks are a type of mechanical deadlock, separate from the factory locking system installed by the manufacturer. These substantial hooks form a deadlock into the frame or opposite door. This creates a very strong and durable locking mechanism independent from the van’s central locking.

These are locked and unlocked with an external high-security key that the driver or owner can carry with them. We can supply multiple keys for each lock if required and can install hook locks from our workshops or on-site.

Hook Lock Features

Van hook locks are designed to be highly compact and discrete, enabling them to be installed in many different fitting positions on your van. The hook locks we use are carefully designed so that up to 60% less metal is removed than competitor products. This ensures better structural security for the doors and frames.

The cylinders, housings and plugs all use highly durable materials, such as satin nickel, to improve durability over time. As standard all locks include nylon trims to make the lock look seamless and professional. However, we can also provide larger and angled black trims, along with nickel-plated trims if required.

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