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Van Slamlocks

Independent slamlocks to secure and protect the contents of your van.

Van Slamlocks

Slamlocks are ideal for vans that are used for multiple drops and collections during a day. Unlike hook locks and deadlocks, the slamlock will automatically lock whenever the door is shut. This helps prevent the driver from forgetting to lock the door and saves valuable time during drop-off and deliveries.

Once the door is locked it can only be opened with the slamlock key, separate from the central locking systems fitted by manufacturers.

Slamlock Features

Whilst fairly straight forward and cost-effective to install, slamlocks provide a very high level of security and protection over the standard manufacturer system. Not only do slamlocks make it more difficult to break into a van, they also act as an effective visual deterrent. Thieves may think twice if they spot a well made and professionally installed slamlock.

Our lock kits are seamlessly installed, with a satin nickel finish that not only looks great, but ensures the long-term durability of the lock. These locks are specific to the make, model and doors and are carefully engineered to provide excellent security.

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