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Van Armour Locks

Professionally fitted armour locks to protect your van

Van Armour Locks

Armour locks are mounted externally to the doors of commercial vans. These sturdy and tough locks effectively brace the doors together to make it substantially more difficult to break into a commercial van.

If mounted higher on the van doors, armour locks can also help prevent the door from being bent down, a known weak point on many vans.

The armour locks are operated with an external high-security key that the driver or owner can carry. We can provide multiple keys for each lock if required and can install armour locks from our workshop or on-site if needed.

Armour Lock Features

Van armour locks are available for side load and rear barn-style doors. Despite requiring a small footprint to install, they provide a very strong visual deterrent. A visible armour lock can often be enough to put off a would-be thief.

The cylinders, housings and plugs all use highly durable materials, such as satin nickel. This means they will continue to protect your van for years to come.

For more information, or to arrange a fitting, please contact our friendly team.

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